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Welcome to the Inspirational Diversion web site.

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This site serves a main purpose: To bring people together to share some common interests.  Our main interests being poetry and music.  No matter whom you are, no matter where you are from, poetry and music speaks to us all.  So whether you are a poet or a musician yourself, or you just love both, this is the place for you to be, (or at least visit amidst all of the other wonderful sites out there, most of which are listed in the links section of this site).  This site will hopefully soon be filled with more poetry and music then you can even read/listen to.  So please, join our diverse group of inspiration, and share your work with us!!

I have also designed this site to promote two wonderful inspirations of mine: Jewel and the Soul City Cafe!
I have drawn inspiration from Jewel for many years, and now it is my turn to give back!  I have a page in this site dedicated solely to Jewel and all of her accomplishments.  So if you are a Jewel fan, like myself, please visit my Jewel fan page and delight in all things Jewel!!

Jewel has recently developed a web site called the Soul City Cafe.  She has wanted to do this for years, and now it is finally here!!  Soul City Cafe is the place to find the absolute best of today's unknown artists/poets/etc.  So if you have music in your soul, then Soul City Cafe is the place to be!!  Please visit my page in this site, solely dedicated to supporting and expanding Soul City Cafe, and all of the artists and people involved!!

Note: Please visit the official web sites for Jewel ( and the Soul City Cafe (  There you will find everything you could possibly want or need to know about both and much much more!!  Thank you and enjoy!!

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The Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Jewel,  Soul City Cafe or any of the ArtBeat Artists. This is simply a fansite. This site is run solely for entertainment purposes, and is completely unofficial.  I am simply a member/fan of Jeweljk and Soul City Cafe trying to promote.   I do not claim to own the pictures, all credits are in the links section and throughout the site.
 Please ask before you take something. While nothing here is "mine", except for the original text, the layout, and poems copyright M.M. , I have worked hard compiling this information.  Almost always I'll say yes if you want to use something, but I'd like to know ahead of time.