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Tyler Joseph Wiseman
By the Light of Reason

By Descartes' light of reason
by which mankinds' faculties are divine deliverance
the grace of Einstein was ushered
By Galileos' sufferable arrogance
Physics from his light would go unheard
the world would have kept moving
Later the sterilization of the immaterial from the equations
broke the joining of church and science
Reason became entirely based upon material function
and in this essence Zarathustra spoke ,
an aftermath of reason and faiths separation
who said you have to harbor faith forever
Its' purpose is to accept the momentary darkness
like the unwilling blink, the vulnerable sleep
until faculties are regained in waking ,
the inspiration of seeing
Do you see?
The light is the ethereal purified realization
maintained in any creatures mantra
I feel I see I think I am existing
all beliefs preceding again
the language of physics in metalogical interactions

Tyler Joseph Wiseman O.B., Ca Nov. '00

Glitterdust Prophecy

My beautiful my glitterdust
Oh my horse without a name
My wild my free My lifetime untamed
Will you ride the winds current ,
will you buckle so freely .
will you be one of the last
to drive me into dreams
Shall I be driven to insanities' domain
where the divine touch is so free
or shall I be shown another side of beauty
Vibrant velour after perceptions cast off shell
Closed minds and hearts shall no longer dwell
in this land of dreams
with you as me

Tyler Joseph Wiseman I-94 outside of Billings, Mt

Atlas Crawled over Broken Glass-& Fargo

Watch now, the glass tesseract of our lives
sparkle like newborn snow upon Atlas' tongue
The tranquil pool humanity greedily craved
was divined to be poison by a prophet bleeding ash
while hungering to be human again
It's pure hell (heaven) being closer to God
when the world around you takes comfort
in lies and lives lived for the simple satisfaction
of the crystal cities promise

Tyler Joseph Wiseman ND 5-17-02
 Previously Published in "Children, Churches, and Daddies"

Jewel III

Such beauteous form
as to cater the eye
with a thousand colored vestiges,
like a sunset prismatic,
an evening chromatic, with pinpricks of light
expansively attributed
to the soft pinnacle of desire
Akin to all things of universal
and, therefore, minuscule appeal
your form breathes life
into the flesh of lightning's delight
It is as a dream