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~*Featured ArtBeat Artist*~
Jason Mraz

Meet Jason Mraz....
one of the most talented, amazing, inspirational, and smooth artists living amongst us today.  

Jason hails from Virginia, hit up New York City for awhile, where he received some insightful advice, and decided to put that in place next to his dreams, which landed him in California.  The rest seems to be history in the making.  If you would like to get to know a little more about the humble and optimistic memoirs of Jason, than head on over to the mans site to check out his bio.

while you do that, we are gonna head on to the heart of it all.....


....or shall I say....
the smooth sounds of a soul bound
 for great things who's evolved to sing
of the dreams we love to dream
and the faith that we can place
in what we see behind closed eyes
and in the smiles that should fill the miles in between....

I could go on, but we will let you guys draw what you will from the words that Unfold into a Dream Life that doubles back into All That Lies around us, and What We Want.
This is what it is drawing what we will and what we need to relate to and articulate us.....

If by now you haven't clicked on any of the above links to Jason's site..
What are you waiting for??  

I would sit here and give you more information....
like say, about how he is touring the United States and beyond with some other unbelievable musicians that compliment his sound very well, or how you can check out some video performances, or even how you can get all of this info sent straight to you, but I could never do it better than the remarkable people that make it all happen over at, Jason's Elektra Page,  Jason's Soul City Cafe Page, and let's not forget Jason's Official Discussion Board.  Now through those links, you'll find everything you could ask for and much of it.  

I hope I'm here all alone by now....
yep...I knew that would do it

Photo Credit To Left: Attila Hardy of Dreams Awake Music