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Jewel has been a huge inspiration in my life for a very long time.  So I have decided to dedicate a fan page to her on this site!!  It is the very least that I can do after all the years that she has been working hard to help and inspire us all!

On this page you will find many banners and links so that you can listen to her newest single "This Way", and all of the other wonderful songs off of her current album "This Way".

Please enjoy listening to everything  Jewel, and if you want more Jewel than you can handle, click here to join today!!

Official Jewel Street Team Signup ("JeweLink Team")

The E-Card:

"Standing Still" Video (Real Player):

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"Standing Still" video (Windows Media)

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The Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Jewel,  Soul City Cafe or any of the ArtBeat Artists. This is simply a fansite. This site is run solely for entertainment purposes, and is completely unofficial.  I am simply a member/fan of Jeweljk and Soul City Cafe trying to promote.   I do not claim to own the pictures, all credits are in the links section and throughout the site.