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Andy Anderson


I found a key the other day
To long lost treasures far away
Hidden in a secret place
That many men refuse to face

Behind the door some strangers are
It seems Iíve seen them once before
The treasure was me from the past
And how Iíd had the future cast

A bright eyed boy of nine or ten
The perfect father Iíd have been
Some times the way things change is sad
Itís odd to find the dreams Iíve had

Some times I feel the stories done
And other times Itís just begun
The sorrow I feel from the past
Will build a future that can last
(or maybe not)

A lonely boy of just sixteen
Feeling love and feeling mean
I didnít want to end that way
I wanted to return some day

Sometimes the cards donít come up right
My feelings kept me up all night
I didnít know Iíd lost the fight
And puppy love slipped out of sight
(for ever more)

And whoís this man I might have been
The one I saw when I was ten
When I was going to be a braver man
Big and strong with a solid plan
With eyes as bright
As life its self had been before I lost the fight again
And then again

A bitter man who doesnít miss
The starry chill of a first kiss
My memories are so dear to me
I wonder where they used to be
And how I found the magic key
That introduced myself to me
( With no regrets)

Andy Anderson


Standing on the edge I feel
The awesome power of the sea
Swallows up its helpless prey
But sparing me for one more day

Whatís that force that calls to me
Making my heart long to be
Far away from heated rooms
Where natureís awesome power looms

Driven to be who I am
Driven to the edge of land
Driven from the safety net
Relishing what I might get

Beating odds and living still
One more day to get my fill
Living lifetimes every year
Adventures end is what I fear

Are you still hiding from the proof
Hiding from the awesome truth
Drops of water in the sea
Are more than we will ever be

We were always meant to soar
Far above the rocky shore
You and I have lion hearts
We will always fill our parts

Driven to be who I am
Driven to the edge of land
Driven from the safety net
Relishing what I might get
What I havenít gotten yet

Andy Anderson

Character is revealed
In the humility of victory
In the grace of defeat
In the compassion of the privileged
In the perseverance of the down trodden
In the empathy of the fortunate
In the acceptance of the discouraged
In the mercy of the powerful
In the courage of the weak
In the sacrifice of the comfortable
In the dreams of the displaced
Character is more than an action
It is a reason for an action
Character is a steady hand
In times of trouble
A calm voice
That soothes the soul
When needed
Without credit
Always there
Never noticed
With simple

Andy Anderson

Iím searching for the perfect rose
Her petals must be soft
Iím looking high Iím looking low
I feel as though Iím lost

Iíve looked all through the garden
Iíve scoured through the yard
Iíve visited the florist shop
Iíve looked so very hard

I visited the neighborís house
And peeked into their yard
Their tulips all were perfect
But their roses all were scarred

I traveled to the city park
I found some perfect flowers
But not a single perfect rose
Although I searched for hours

I traveled to the suburbs
I visited the mall
There I found the perfect rose
Itís not a rose at all

Its petals were so soft
Its color was so true
Its scent was so enchanting
It always looks like new

The sign upon the counter
Told a telling tale
Half off for the weekend
Silk roses are on sale

Andy Anderson

My world is my world
Real inside my head
Your world is your world
Born of thoughts youíre fed

Perception is reality
To the person who perceives
Your world never goes beyond
The thoughts that you believe

Slow down, for a spell
Think about, what you sell
Are you good, are you bad
Are you happy, are you sad
Do you love, do you hate
Are you early, are you late
Do you give, do you take
Are you honest, are you fake
Do you listen, do you talk
Do you praise, do you mock
Are you awake, do you snooze
When you win, do others lose

Weíre just a grain in sands of time
To sleep right through is such a crime
Wake up right now and breathe in deep
The air of life is yours to keep

Our torch is just a match my friend
It burns us as it nears the end
Hold it high for all to see
We traveled well while we were free

Andy Anderson

Iím pushing back the ones who seek
To push me around to make me weak
Iím pushing back the fashion freaks
Exploiting every thing that peaks

Pushing on the ones whoíd be
Pushing me to be less free
Pushing cause my eyes can see
Theyíre pushing us relentlessly

Iím pushing back the pushy ones
Who push themselves on everyone
I push because of what theyíve done
Iíll push until theyíre on the run

Andy Anderson