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Jayme Terrigno

I see you

I see you-
I see you hiding behind
that tapestry,
you feel safe behind the colors
that you drape before your words.

And I see you-
I see you stare at me all pale,
tinted only by the color you choose to label me.

I do not label.

I see you translucent;
a voice,
a cry.
Your eyes and hands hold fear-
Your shield beaten,
but from the inside.

And I see you-
I see you see me on a pedestal,
opportunity before me-
Pretty girl,
light skinned girl-
But you do not see me,
not like this.
You don't feel me.

But I do-
I feel you,
I see the way you hide
from your own doubts.
Segregate yourself because the world
seems against your hands.

And to answer your questions-
Yes I feel safe at night.

I see you,
maybe differently than you see yourself-
I see you strong,
I see you free,
I see you angry-
Feeling the world took something
that was only yours-
But it was mine as well.
. And I see you.

Jayme Terrigno