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Melissa Mettler

One day I hope to be doing what I love,
And not only what I have to.
One day I hope to be loving what I do,
And not "doing" to survive.
Because surviving is easy,
And living is hard.

Melissa Mettler

Copyright ©2002 Melissa Mettler


What is needed, and what may be wanted,
somehow go hand in hand.
Deceifering the two gets tricky,
when the heart says one thing,
and the mind quite another.
I've stood back and watched,
I've let the world go by,
I've jumped right in and tried.
Why is it I always end up here?
In this same place,
quiet yet disturbing, lonely but familiar.
To pull away, but hold on.
To leave, but stay.
To give up, yet still fight.
Only the heart can answer these questions,
and only God knows the answers.
So continue I shall,
barely standing, yet still fighting.
On the Lords shoulder do I lean.
Thankful I am here.

Melissa M. Mettler

Copyright ©2002 Melissa Mettler
Dear Lord

I start to realize,
and now I know it's true.
Whatever I can't handle,
I will give up to you.
The one who knows,
The one who cares,
The one I know will always be there.
Standing beside me,
holding my hand,
trying very hard to get me to understand.
I know it sounds funny,
I know that some ignore,
how much Love, joy, and peace of mind,
You bring to me and so many more.
I will always believe,
I will never lose hope,
no matter how crazy,
or hard it is to cope.

Melissa M. Mettler

Copyright ©2002 Melissa Mettler

The way you touch my heart and soul,
In every way, I didn't know.
Happiness to me, is everything you are,
nothing in this world, compares by far.
Wherever you are, I shall call home,
and as you sing me a song,
I'll write you a poem.
Your presence, comforting,in every way.
I never knew there would be a day,
my whole life would become complete,
for the Lord has sent me an angel so sweet.
All your dreams, everything you want to be,
exactly who you are,
now this, is true Love to me.

Melissa M. Mettler

Copyright ©2002 Melissa Mettler
My Precious Love

You said it would be wonderful,
You said it would be true.
You said to me "I pledge my Love",
as I said the same to you.
So happy, we were, hand in hand,
laughing, loving, living.
So might we be, to this very day,
had I not been so unforgiving.
As I think of all the time we spent,
mended side to side.
I wish for one more day to hold you,
before they told me, and I cried.
My life would be so different now,
and my precious love, you would have yours.
If only, I hadn't been so stubborn.
Your soul would be here, but now it soars.
You said it would be wonderful,
You said it would be true.
I say it was, and always will be,
forever, me and you.

Melissa M. Mettler

Copyright ©2002 Melissa Mettler
Little Miracles

I Love him,
I will always Love him.
One day, he might think,
and realize this.
One day, I might think,
and it will not be about him.

Melissa M. Mettler

Copyright ©2002 Melissa Mettler
A Crime To The Heart

How deeply I feel,
is a crime to the heart.
For most people don't comprehend what Love is,
you need not be smart.
Love being a mere word,
barely describes the feeling inside,
and how being with and without you,
makes me want to cry.
If anyone could understand,
how your mind and your soul,
my heart having no control,
your eyes being the windows to my heart and soul.
Loving you from afar,
alone, I sit in the dark.

Melissa M Mettler

Copyright ©2002 Melissa M Mettler
What You Ask

What you ask of me, you'll never know.
What it means to me, I'll never show.
When I first fell, I can't remember.
When I first felt, I'll never forget.
Every inch of you, I want to devour.
The meaning of one touch, holding such power.
My hand,
blindly searching for yours in the dark.
The invisible tears I cry
shall follow you wherever you travel.
Feeling so much all at once,
I smile once again.

Melissa M Mettler

Copyright ©2002 Melissa M Mettler


I felt you,
yet you made no contact.
I can sometimes hear you,
when you say nothing at all.
When I'm not there,
you should know I still am,
for making no sense at all,
is the only sense we ever had.

Melissa M. Mettler

Copyright ©2002 Melissa M. Mettler

Painted Lines

In the stillness of dark,
I hear only my heartbeat
It troubles me so
distance prevailing
Hollowness consuming
The need of your warmth enveloping me,
how it is I feel it even now
Miles of concrete, painted lines....
This is only what rests my mind

Melissa M. Mettler

Copyright ©2002 Melissa M. Mettler

Ideal Situation

You stand before me, surrounded by light
Your grace, your hair, your face, that stare
possessing my every thought
I hang from your lips
that which I want to kiss
me again, in that way..Do you feel what I say
when I say "I Love You"?

For I've waited for this
Yeah I've waited for a while
My whole damn life, lies and denial
Your style intrigues touch what I see
inside is where it lies..just close your eyes
Take my hand and we'll fly....Yeah..we'll fly

But is it right?
This space we share
In what do we care....fantasy or reality..
Reeling us in which direction....
are we taking, or are we faking
Let's dance around this situation,
and get down for a little while..
Yeah let's get down

Melissa M. Mettler

Copyright ©2003 Melissa M. Mettler
Once Again

I find myself reading words
I've longed for many nights
Words that cut straight through me
that turn darkness into light
They find this place, deep inside
that you've brought back to life
They cover me in this way
banishing hurt, pain, and strife

I've felt so far for so long now
An ache that wouldn't go away
Until these words did come to me
Once again, moving me in this way....

..Your way..the way..our way..we play..'s ok..I lay.... your hands once again

I find myself reading words....
words that hold me oh so tight
Back to me, has it all come
in my dreams shall you be tonight....

Melissa M. Mettler

Copyright ©2003 Melissa M. Mettler