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My Ambitions
    My ambitions here at Inspirational Diversion are very simple.  I want nothing more then to inspire people.  I want to bring people from everywhere together on this site to marvel in each others work.  I want you to express your thoughts and feelings openly through poetry, and to share them with others in the world that share the same.  I want you to be enlightened.

 Also, I have included two pages in this site for two wonderful inspirations.  The first is Jewel.  An inspiration to all of us.  The second is something close to Jewels heart, Soul City Cafe.  Soul City Cafe is a wonderful site/movement that is taking the world by storm one person at a time. For more information go to and visit the page in this site.

   So whether it be Poetry, Jewel, or the SCC, please enjoy your time here and visit the links section for more wonderful sites.  Thank You for visiting Inspirational Diversion!!